All my life I’ve been searching for something.  I did not know for what during the past 12 years – until now.  I would spend countless hours reading and studying and memorizing every and any thing that shone a light of truth through it.  Hours perusing through website after website, digging deeper and deeper into what seemed to be a never ending pile of shit.  But through that shit I could always sense there was something there on the other side.  As if there was a tiny beam of light shining through the center of that shit tunnel like a laser beam.  And now I’ve finally hit a wall.  Or should I say a door.  Who put it there and why I do not know for certain.  What I do know is that this blog will be a record of my How and What.  What led me to that door in the first place and the step-by-step progress of How I’ll be working towards opening that door.


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